Squirt Easily Using a G-Spot Vibrator

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Wondering how to get the most from your G-spot vibrator, or curious about how you can pleasure your, or your partner’s G-spot? Lovehoney is on hand to help you discover the joys of G-spot stimulation and explain how and why this hidden erogenous zone is a favourite for both single women and couples.

G-spot vibrators are easy to use, once you get the hang of them. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes but all are designed to stimulate the nub of sensitive nerve endings that lie approximately 1-3 inches inside the front wall of the vagina. Usually featuring a slightly curved tip, G-spot vibrators can be used whether you’re on your own or with a partner - so there’s something for everyone.


How to Use a G-Spot Vibrator

The G-spot needs stimulation, stimulation, stimulation. Before using the toy, you might want to start exploring your own body with your hands to find exactly where your G-spot lies.

Slimline G-Spot Vibrator

With lots of lube, move your fingers in a come-hither motion inside your vagina, you should soon start to massage the patch of sensitive nerve endings that lie on the front wall, 1-3 inches in... but anything your fingers can do, your vibes can do even better.

When using a G-spot vibrator it is best to start slowly, making sure you are aroused and well lubricated. Slather your dildo or vibe in the appropriate lube and slide it about two inches in, pressing the shaft head or angled tip against your vagina's front wall. Your G-spot is surrounded with dense tissue and lies deep in your flesh, so you may want to use a tad more pressure than usual or slide your toy from side to side until you hit the right place.

When you hit it, you'll know. The spot swells and firms up as it fills with blood (remind you of anything?) and the extra bloodflow makes the tight bundling of nerve-endings cry out for firm stimulation. It's not the sort of play you'll want to leap into right after taking your slippers off, so indulge in some soft, sensuous foreplay first to give your body time to relax completely.

When you give attention to your G-spot, you could potentially experience female ejaculation. This is when a woman, releases varying amounts of clear fluid from her vagina. It can be anything from a small trickle to a full-on squirt. Either way, it’s a sign that you’re having a good time. So nothing to worry about!

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